• Disappointments & Expectations

    In a vision August 31st Bob saw this: many people were imprisoned by their lost expectations. What they expected out of their lives had not come to pass.

    Past disappointments or expectations for our lives have imprisoned us. And when you look back to your past expectations, you have no vision for your future. So our past disappointments rob us from our future vision because He’s saying; I’m not disappointed in you because of your failed expectations for they were My opportunity to change your life for My purpose.
    Your disappointments or expectations were stepping stones to My presence and now I’m going to demand that you flush them and look to the future not the past;  for those who look to the past have no future! I now have My Spirit in many of My people
    In the vision Bob saw that many of God’s saint’s conscience (or their spirit) was clean but their mind wasn’t. And the Holy Spirit is dealing with the mind of those that have not come to the place of where they thought they should be.  Their conscience is clean and now I’m going to cleanse their soul because I’m going to use their soul and their spirit to reveal My Kingdom. So now I begin a work of cleansing their soul so their soul might be a partaker of My Divine Nature.
    You’re actually ready in the spirit. Now I’m preparing your soul for I’m going to use both soul and spirit. And the soul is what I’m preparing for I just want you to know that I’m not disappointed in you and I’ve brought you to the place where your future in Me shall be fruit. Amen.
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