• Ancient Landmarks And Upcoming Codebreakers

      In late August 2018 the Holy Spirit began showing me certain fields of science and research where for as much knowledge as we’ve acquired we yield quite little progress. A scripture kept echoing in my spirit from early on in my christian walk. Do not remove the ancient landmark, nor enter the fields of the fatherless (Proverbs 23:10) ...... Click Here For More

      Who Sits On The Throne Of Your Soul

      When you capitalize your thoughts outside of Me, it distracts your focus upon Me. Then your faith wavers and you become a double-minded man. The Lord audibly spoke these words to me in November 2001. This was the most incredible supernatural season of my life to that point....... Click Here For More

      Quips & Quotes
          Brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness while brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness.             –            Bob Jones

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