• July 19, 2024
      The Scroll Opened & Unrolled

      At 5 o’clock on the morning of May 27th the Lord began to speak to me so I grabbed my pen and pad and began to write. I believe it’s a powerful message and pertinent for this time. I feel it’s important to relay His word exactly as I heard it. Therefore....... Click Here For More

      Whitewashed Tombs

      Sometimes the word the Lord gives me for the body of Christ is rather stern and/or startling. However it is not for me to question the heart of the Father, it is my place to be obedient to speak His word to His children. First of all God is Love and because of His great abounding unconditional love for us He knows every aspect of our very being. He knows our thoughts before we think them....... Click Here For More

      Quips & Quotes
          Brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness while brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness.             –            Bob Jones

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