• Healing For The Watchmen On The Wall

      It is a time like no other on earth. Creation is groaning more and more often for the manifestation of the children of God. We find ourselves positioned before tremendous challenges and limitless potentials..... Click Here For More

      The Prayers of Bob Jones
      From His Visitation With Jesus on July 3, 1984

      For several years in a row in the early 80’s Bob Jones had a visitation by an angel. Each time he told Bob to get ready because he would have a face-to-face visitation by the Lord Jesus. So each year Bob waited with great anticipation. In 1984 the same angel appeared to him and said that he should get his questions ready because...... Click Here For More

      Quips & Quotes
          Brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness while brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness.             –            Bob Jones

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