• November 28, 2014
    • Valley Of Decision

      It seems as though I was in a continuous dream this morning. Although it was several separate dreams, each one layered or built upon the previous one yet the theme remained the same concerning justice, choice and truth.....  Click Here For More
      Bob's Clock Stopped Here: We Must Discern The Times
      On the last night before Bob's passing I was alone with him in his hospital room and observed the clock on the wall as it sped forward. At exactly 11:55 p.m. the red second-hand began to .......  Click Here For More
      The Rise of Jonah: by Bradford McClendon
      I was praying on the morning of Rosh Shoshanna in 2012 and was caught up in a vision and saw something like an old ship that seemed to wash upon the southern shores of our country. As I continued to draw closer it began to move, then .... Click Here For More

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