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      2016 is one of those times in men's lives that try their soul. The Lord is sending His mssengers in this day with clear revelation from on high. The Lord is calling forth His Bridal Army and telling them to arise and shine. The timing of the Lord is upon them now. The Body of Christ is going through a transformation and those who have yielded shall emerge in power and might. He is preparing us for "New Things" and we have a choice, and opportunity for His potential or our limitations. You will be abundantly blessed as you read "The Shepherd's Rod 2016 - Bridal Army Arise".

      Let There Be "Light"
      An amazing thing happened the other day as family and friends were gathered in my living room for a time of fellowship. Sometimes profound things happen that go unnoticed or perhaps we simply.... Click Here For More
      America the Beautiful
      In 2010 the Lord spoke to Bob about America being the "Eagle Nation" and how she was in a time of judgment because of....  Click Here For More
      Quips & Quotes
                            "The price of greatness is responsibility." 
                                                                                              – Winston Churchill

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