• Shepherd's Rod 2017

      Bonnie Jones & Lyn Kost

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      The Shepherd's Rod is annually marks a time when God evaluates the Body of Christ and states what He is beginning to unfold starting the coming year. 2017 brings “Great Expectations” with the culmination of both forty and fifty year cycles. You will begin to see the Samuel anointing falling on the body of Christ and Elisha ministries start ushering in the billion-soul harvest Bob Jones prophesied in 1975. There’s a great awakening that’s taking place and you won’t want to miss God’s heart in these messages.

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      God of Justice
      Sweeps His Hand AcrossThe Nations
      I believe the body of Christ is currently experiencing Psalm 91:1-3. Those who dwell in His glorious presence take refuge in Him. Because.... Click Here For More
      2017: A Year of God’s Awakening
      The Nations and the Return of His Glory
      This year we will begin to see many changes in the body of Christ. However these changes will coincide with the monumental transformation.... Click Here For More
      Quips & Quotes
          Brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness while brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness.             –            Bob Jones

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